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by Abbey
October 10th, 2017, 11:53 pm
Forum: Wedding Planning
Topic: Choosing Clients
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Re: Choosing Clients

If you don't feel like the client would be a good fit for you, you could always refer them to another event planner in your area. Or you could tell them that the dates won't work for you and that you've already begun planning an event for the same dates. There are ways to politely say "no"...
by Abbey
June 28th, 2017, 5:55 pm
Forum: QC Event School General Discussion
Topic: short term plan
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Re: short term plan

Don't give up! The assignments aren't very hard at all, but they are time consuming for sure. Just take it one assignment at a time and work through it! Set aside some designated time to work on assignments, even if it is just a couple of them. Bring your assignments with you to work to work on duri...

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