Low Budget Marketing

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Low Budget Marketing

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Hi Everyone,

I just finished this program & it was AMAZING! I truly feel as though I learned a lot.
I have started my own business, Functions with Flair Ltd, but I need to market myself. I live in a very small town of 10,000 people approx 3hrs from the closest city (Edmonton) and I've done my research and know there are no event/wedding planning people in any of the towns between Edmonton & Hinton (where I am). I'm looking for a cheap solution for marketing. I'm on Facebook and try to keep that web page up, I'm working on getting a website going...but in the meantime, any suggestions for things I can do to market myself so people know I exist, but without any real money. Since I'm incorporated any start up money belongs to the business and thus I can't just put my own money into the marketing....HELP!

Thanks, hope you all are being sponges & soaking in the info-you'll be very happy you took this program, promise!!!

Shannon Potter
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Re: Low Budget Marketing

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Hello, I'm actually new here.
But I might help! Marketing any career needs a lot of patience, so you don't have to rush things up. First you have to engage yourself in the business field, by planning a lot of events or weddings for friends and relatives, and tell them to tell other people about you and your work and then hopefully your business will expand, or you could place an ad on radio station its not that expensive.

Good Luck :D
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Re: Low Budget Marketing

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Hi Shannon,

Congratulations on completing the course! I have 2 assignments left so hope to finish in the next couple of weeks.

I set my business up nearly a year ago now, also on a tiny marketing budget, so I decided to take another course (!) and completed a Diploma in Social Media Marketing.

Social media is invaluable for small business marketing, as its mostly free, although does require a fairly heavy time commitment. I use the following channels, all for different things that I've outline below:

Facebook page: post hints, tips, planning advice, humourous wedding related photos, blog posts you love will really increase your audience & showcase your expertise - I have regular posts such as Tuesday Tip, Wedding Wednesday, Fashion Friday - check out my page for ideas: www.facebook.com/mermaidevents. You can also boost important posts for small sums of money.You can also look for & join bridal groups in your area & post answers to questions, be generally helpful will gve you a good reputation.

Twitter: I use this for real time updates when planning events, & also follow other local wedding suppliers in my area to chat about industry trends & swap contacts - www.twitter.com/mermaideventsUK

Instagram: I use this to show before & after photos of venues, post pics of wedding fairs, & showcase my portfolio. www.instagram.com/mermaidevents

I use Pinterest for the same, putting together themed inspiration boards - I also link photos from the portfolio on my website to Pinterest, which then drives traffic to my website. www.pinterest.com/mermaidevents

I also use Linked In to connect with other wedding professionals, take part in discussion groups & keep up to date with industry trends.

Having a presence in the right channels raises awareness & gets your name out there.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you need any more help :D

Hayley, www.mermaidevents.co.uk
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