Help with B1 Assignment

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Help with B1 Assignment

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My name is Lenita. Im working on my B1 Assignment, but it has left me a bit confused. On the MS Word Assignment B1 it states that I must provide a venue. Under venue it request for Compnay Name, Approximate Price, Indoor Venue, and Location Fee. My first question is where do I get the APPROXIMATE PRICE from? Is that a price that I provide for the venue and how much it is to provide services? Im not sure where to get the Approximate Price from. My Second question is the LOCATION FEE. Is that a fee that I charge to the client for relocating the venue? if so how much would I charge for the Location Fee? Do I make up a fee? Is there some formula to calculate the Location Fee? Please advise.

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Lenita :)
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Re: Help with B1 Assignment

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Refer to your study guide... it explains the criteria you will need to incorporate into your assignment. When it asks for venue details, it is in reference to a venue that you would be able to utilize locally in your area for that type of event.
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