Assignment A3

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Assignment A3

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I have seen others ask the question. But I am really feeling stupid about this. I don't see where it says to pick a speaker and then ask questions to that specific speaker. Then on question C I am supposed to pick alternatives. Alternatives to what? Why are these assignments so vague?
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Re: Assignment A3

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Hi sweetsue,

Your Course Guide for Unit A will outline what you should be doing for each assignment, and includes the information that you have seen others mention.

Warm Wishes,

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Re: Assignment A3

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Hi Jaime,

Thank you for your answer.

Perhaps of the course guide were sitting in the same place as the worksheets on the website, it would be easier to know that they are linked. I also had not realized that I had to go back to the course guide. I thought that all I needed was to download the assessment and complete it.

I am really enjoying the course content by the way :)

Thank you,
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