Need a hand with Assignment C2 please

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Need a hand with Assignment C2 please

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I chose to plan an Bris for this assignment and I'm a little stuck when it comes to what kind of food to serve. On a couple different websites I've come across it says it is acceptable to serve non-kosher food for the celebration afterwards. There are a few other websites saying you must serve kosher only.

I'm not Jewish and don't know anyone who is Jewish so I'm not exactly what the protocol is here. I'm inclined to put both meal suggestions down on paper but in case I ever happen to plan a Bris I would like to know what is correct.

Sometimes the internet can be so confusing..
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Re: Need a hand with Assignment C2 please

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hi, i just turned this one in and im not jewish and i dont know anyone who is, but i think the food depends on (for a lack of a better way to put it) "how jewish" the client wants the food to be. your best advice would be to ask the client what they want, and for assignment purposes, go out of your way to do both sides, kosher and not kosher. it will show that you took the time to satisfy everyone. i was kinda brief on my 1st assignments, and got a good grade, but my tutor advised me to go above and beyond so i do. tons of pictures and full descriptions!
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