Need advice for a 25th birthday party... MINE!

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Need advice for a 25th birthday party... MINE!

Unread postby claprin » June 8th, 2014, 1:59 pm

Hello fellow coursemates,

how are you? :) Summer is already here, at least it is in Italy: today we had 33°C (in Canada you use Celsius, right? If not, it's about 91°F, thanks google :p) and it was sooo sultry! I'm not a huge fan of warmth, I'd live happily with just 20-25°C :lol: :lol:

Anyways, the purpose of this topic is the following: I'm turning 25 in 4 weeks and I have NO CLUE how to celebrate it! :?
I'm always been a fan of birthdays (wow, so strange for a future event planner, isn't it?!), have celebrated all the past ones, but this one HAS TO BE CELEBRATED, it's my quarter of century!! :o :D

So, I told my friends and some cousins that I will have a party on July 6th, but told them I have no clue what to do yet :p

The possibilities are:
- HAPPY HOUR in a place where they have it
I go there once every two weeks, I know the place, is cute, there's much food, you only pay 8 € for the drink and then it works as an "all-you-can-eat" formula.
Pros: you can eat a lot :D
Cons: I eat very badly and so I may find few things I like; two of my cousins are celiac so they may need to get different foods or only eat vegetables; if the place is too full, the food ends up way too quickly and just us will be about 15.
These would be the place:

- JUNK FOOD in a place like the big yellow M (not sure if I can say the name), in an Italian food chain, but which makes only hamburgers and stuff
Pros: the place is pretty new and not that much known, so maybe they won't be full; they also have a special part only for celiacs; they're quite tasty and there're may good alternatives to hamburgers (me myself I would eat something different we call toast, it's a sort of sandwich with ham and chees)
Cons: the place is pretty new, so they don't have very big restaurants and I'm afraid we won't find room for 15 guys; yeah, ok, and after that?!; they're a bit expensive (let's say: a normal menu with hamburger from the yellow M would cost about 6 €, you would pay it here 8, but there's one size of chips only and it's big!)
These would be the place:

- AMUSEMENT PARK in a close park. It's not a very big one, but it's nice; we could eat at the big yellow M (which is close) and then go have fun
Pros: who doesn't like amusement parks?!; there are also cotton candy and pancakes!
Cons: what if someone doesn't like amusement parks?!; mosquitos... welcome!; July 6th, despite being summer here, has always had unpredictable weather
These would be the place:

- THEME PARTY, RENTING A ROOM since I live in a small apt and there's no room for such a number of people.
Pros: it would bring much fun!; we could have an happy hour and listen to music/play board games
Cons: it would cost me the rent, plus the food and I would have to mind everyone's preferences; not everyone in my group would sound "enthusiastic" for such a party, not being a fan of dressing up

Okay, so... These are the ideas I've come up with so far. Please, help me :)

Thanks in advance.
Ciao! :mrgreen:
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Re: Need advice for a 25th birthday party... MINE!

Unread postby BrandyJean » June 10th, 2014, 6:37 pm

If it were my party I would say cooler (portable ice chest) full of water, salad and salad dressings (examples:fresh carrots, celery & broccoli) and cold meat sandwiches. And celebrating at the beach so I can also keep cool. I would make sure changing rooms are available and also a few shade trees for those that don't like to be in the water long and the others that don't like to be in the water at all. But will enjoy the fresh air. Also after the swimming is over and you did eat healthy through out the day you could go for ice cream. I don't know how well this would go where you are located but it would be very popular where I am located. Or even an alcoholic drink if you prefer. :D
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Re: Need advice for a 25th birthday party... MINE!

Unread postby denims24 » June 11th, 2014, 5:38 pm

I think the junk food option sounds the coolest, especially for your cousins with celiac. Hope this helps! :mrgreen:
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Re: Need advice for a 25th birthday party... MINE!

Unread postby claprin » June 13th, 2014, 3:03 pm

Thanks to you both!

@BrandyJean, I unfortunately live 2 hours from the sea and nobody would like to have this trip for a birthday :P
But the idea itself was very nice!!

Still thinking about it...

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