Planning an 80's Glamour ball with a twist help pls

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Planning an 80's Glamour ball with a twist help pls

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Hi all,
I would be grateful for your help and ideas please
The last couple of years I have organised a girls night in to raise money for womens cancer. This year someone suggested that we have an 80's theme, so I have gone with that and decided to have a ball (for women only lol) thinking maybe about 50-80 women but I wanted to add something different so thought I would add a twist (here's my problem, I dont know what sort of twist lol) mainly to try and encourage women to be creative, eg buy dresses from op shops (the dresses could be torn etc) create their own dress, dress in suits if they wanted too etc.

Im thinking of having a red carpet at the entrance but then inside have table cloths half falling of tables, spilled pretend drinks if I can find something to do that with, what else could I do here???

For games im thinking of getting a shoe from the op shop and having a game of who's foot does it fit, the first person that it fits gets a prize possibly a box of chocolates.
Another game work it a bit like a murder mystery but instead they have to work out who stole the expensive/blingy jewellery box. I have never done a murder mystery so would love ideas on how to make this work. For the one who gueses who the theif is, get a handmaid wooden prize donated, possibly a tinket box.
Have a fashion parade of everyones outfits and have 3 judges pick out the best dress- some sort of prize.

There will also be a door prize, champagne on arrival, a candle party planner (that has been every year for us, it wouldnt be the same without her), a liquor party planner and our lucky dip table (everyone donates items in good condition that they no longer want and it gets wrapped and put on a table, people pay $ to get a lucky dip and this helps with our fundraising (this has been well recived the last couple of years). Last year others donated prizes for us to raffle on the night as well. We also had helium balloons and people wrote messages on them for loved ones or messages of inspiration and we let them go at 9pm (dont know why 9, I just picked that time lol) not sure if to do that again this year- it was well recieved and we did raise a little extra then our costs for this (balloons and helium).
Thanks for reading
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