A2 HELP!!!

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A2 HELP!!!

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I just enrolled for event and wedding planner and I just got to assignment A2. Honestly I dont get what they mean when you have to calculate it. there is not of explanation with it. I dont reallt get how i have to calculate it. HELP PLEASE!!!!!
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Re: A2 HELP!!!

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Hi MPcrafts,

You'll want to be sure to review your Course Guide for Unit A, as it contains full instructions for all of your assignments.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the school.

Warm Wishes,

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Re: A2 HELP!!!

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I also have a question,

In the instructions it says to calculate classroom seating and then add banquet and dining. So does that mean they want us to add all three together to see if it will fit a venue with 3000sq. ft.

OR are they only asking to calculate for the banquet seating and dance area for the 3000 sq ft.

Please clarify!

Classroom Seating
150 guests X ____ Sq. Ft. Per Person = ____ Sq. Ft. Required
Banquet Seating and Dance Area
150 guests X ____ Sq. Ft. Per Person + 150 guests X ____Sq. Ft. Per Person= ____ Sq. Ft.
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Re: A2 HELP!!!

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I assumed it was the banquet and dance area, because they changed the ceremony into the dining area, so you would not need 2 seating spaces!
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