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I have been interested in this industry for years and following the school for the last four. Finally things in my life have made a way that I could turn event planning into a career. I signed up in the fall and I graduated from the Event & Wedding Planning course in the spring and upon completion went full force into preparing to launch my business. Website created, facebook page, pinterest account, letterhead, pricing in order, created a database with all the local vendors and venues in the area, all the contracts and welcome packets and every other detail ready for business. Three weeks ago I created a letter and mailed it to 167 area businesses(florists, venues, photographers, bakery's). I have only gotten 9 responses with rates and info. I am sure more will trickle in but dissappointed on the number thus far. ( I was hoping for at least 50) Also received 26 back with bad addresses or no mail receptical. I need to find ways to advertise. Looking for help in this area. I emailed the local radio station tonight hoping to hear from them tomorrow as to how that works and how much it costs. I am already signed up to have a booth at a Bridal Expo in January. Any other suggestions as to how to get my name out there? Any thoughts or suggestions would be very much appreciated.... Thank you

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