Already looking at my first potential client

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Already looking at my first potential client

Unread postby woot » November 7th, 2016, 11:08 pm

I have not even been involved in the Event Planning Course for a week and already have a project lined up. It is not so much that the person approached me with a need as my mindset that has opened up the opportunity.
A friend of mine is involved in opening an art gallery and her husband (also a friend) found himself being the one looking for music for the event. He was telling us the challenge of the task and how he did not really know how to do this, or really want to. So I offered to help or take over. He gladly handed the task over to me and we both got the green light from his wife (the artist and a gallery organizer).
The gallery opening is set for some time in 2018, so that gives me lots of time to plan and perhaps get more projects from her and others in her circle of contacts. We have other artist friends who are also likely to call on me for assistance in the future when they see my work.
When I say my mindset has changed what I mean is this: before I would have made a few offhand suggestions and left it at checking around and getting back to them, with no plan for building on this or seeing how this is my career path.
Now I see a world of contacts is there all around me. I am actually kind of disappointed that I did not do this sooner, as I have missed opportunities to help friends and organization contacts that have sought help in getting their exhibit or show some momentum and some attention.
What's important now is that the future looks great for my events planning business. I just need development time and focus.

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