getting on track

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getting on track

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hi everyone I love planning weddings and events which is why I wanted to decide to have a career in it but the things happen in my life ,very bad things that made me fall behind so now things have gotten better and I'm going to buckle now and get on track . So if any support I can get from you guys would be nice thank you .
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Re: getting on track

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the best advice I can give you !
Since I know what your going threw !
it not easy to have full focus on your studies when you a full load on your back !
I been there ! I was amazed with QC Career School there very helpful
take your time do your Studies because you'll need them to be at your best in your future !
and if you need help call the School they wonderful !

hope this help you !

Best of luck

Anik Agarwala
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Re: getting on track

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I am in a similar situation. I have fallen behind on my course work due to a major family tragedy. I shut down and shut out everything that felt unnecessary in order for me to process what happened. I am now trying to get focused and back on track. I almost feel like since I have been absent from the event planning industry mentally and physically it has made it even more difficult to get on track and get the course work done. I hit 1 year in September and have not completed many assignments. It always seems like everyone enrolled in this program completed the course quickly and was able to received their certification. It is comforting to know that someone else is able to relate and reassures me that I can still do this. So, you have my encouragement and support. I say lets get it done!

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Re: getting on track

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I can honestly say I have been taken off track so many times and I am still so behind but I don't feel too bad because I'm not giving up no matter what! That's the best thing to keep in mind..just don't give up your dream no matter what
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Re: getting on track

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Hi there, Welcome to QC Events, I have been there I started in March of this year so many things are going on and I had a lot of distractions, many but I had to make a decision and keep going even though going thru some rough patches, I have to keep going for me, do something for little old me and that's to make a career in something I love doing and that's seeing people faces happy on their amazing event, and saying to GOD: WE DID THAT EVENT! NEXT EVENT PLEASE lol hold on and as long as you have God you cant go wrong, be confident in you! Hope and pray I can see your work on TV, newspaper, social media Well wishes to you.
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Re: getting on track

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I totally understand how you feel as well. I am well still on the first unit and I started in September. But it has been hard to keep up to date on my school work. Between work and all the volunteering, I do it has been hard to find time to do my work. But I am pushing through because becoming an event planner has been all I wanted to do for the like last 2 years. So I am going to keep pursuing my goals.
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Re: getting on track

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Good evening all. I am also trying to get back on track. Life happens and I allowed it to get in my way. I am determined to finish the course and start my event planning business in the near future. I am very encouraged by the posts and support from other future planners on this matter. Wishing everyone the Best!
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