i got an A on Unit B!

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i got an A on Unit B!

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I was really disappointed I received a B on Unit A and really tried my best to be creative and authentic completing Unit B, but seeing an "A" on my work has made me SO HAPPY!

I really am moving SLOW in this process, work and family has really taken over this past year. I made it my goal to finish by end of August so all my kids will be in school and I can dedicate more time in the day to meet with possible client(s). Very excited for these next few weeks, time to really buckle down and get it done!
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Re: i got an A on Unit B!

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Congratulations on your A. I pray I get an A as I am currently working on Unit B now and am wondering are we suppose to describe what decorations we would use and post the website we would get those decorations from?
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