my tutor

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my tutor

Unread postby EmmaNicole » October 17th, 2017, 3:06 am

hey everyone, can someone help me out? how do i contact my tutor?
Also if anyone here is doing international event and wedding planning how did you go about starting Assignment A7 your business plan (optional assignment) i dont have a logo, name or anything sorted and was wondering if i should leave it or do it?
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Re: my tutor

Unread postby krissie » October 18th, 2017, 7:25 am

If you don't have a plan for anything yet, then you shouldn't stress about doing it. It's just an optional task, so you'll have plenty of time to finish it later. However, I'm sure that if you want feedback on how you put a business plan together, then you could always put one together as a test to see if there are things you could improve.
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Re: my tutor

Unread postby trackstar97 » October 20th, 2017, 9:35 am

Hi, I was watching the QC Event on You tube and Candice Cappala, owner of Jubilee Events was saying on an interview that its best to do the optional work even if you don't have a business name or a business but the instructors would like to see what are you thinking and what are your plans for the future. I'm on A5 and I'm planning on doing the A7 but I don't have a business nor a business plan but this is a great opportunity to start thinking about it, just a heads up and I believe your tutor will guide you with the business plan that you create on A7 and correct it. hope this helps

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