Completed My Event and Wedding Planning Course

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Completed My Event and Wedding Planning Course

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Yes, I finally completed the course. It took longer then expected. But I did it and it feels so good. I can start charging people now. :D

Anyone else completed their course yet?

I am trying to start my own business so I would like any feedback anyone can give about starting a business in our field and how you balance that work life with family life? I’m trying to find that balance. It’s pretty hard.
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Re: Completed My Event and Wedding Planning Course

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I have completed it as well ( after it took more time for me than planned as well)! Congrats!

No real tips for work life balance, but I think if you make sure to set clear times that are family time and business time that will help. A client doesn't need to know why you cannot meet them for a certain time (you could have another meeting, or just dinner with the family). If you make clear lines they will not question it. And pick your events wisely don't take just anything if you feel it will be to much.

Best of luck!
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