Looking for study buddies!

Network and share ideas with other students, get help with your course assignments, and talk about your experiences as an aspiring or working event planner.
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Looking for study buddies!

Unread post by jaxonmonet »

Hello Everyone from sunny California, USA!

In this super social day and age, I am looking to make this online schooling experience a bit more interactive and group-based!

I would like to start a study group of sorts that meets ONLINE via Google+ or Skype at a designated day and time each week or bi-weekly.
You wouldn't have to commit to every meeting, just ones you can make it to.
We could check-in with each other, discuss our difficulties with getting through the courses, or use our experiences to motivate others in the group to keep going (we all know closing the browser and walking away from assignments can seem so tempting).

I'd like to keep myself and others accountable and let us all get through things together by asking for help with assignments and topics, or even real-life Event scenarios, since I know some of us are already out there stretching our muscles!

Let me know if you're interested by responding to this post, then turn on your 'notify me when there's a reply' options and we can start exchanging emails and planning times to get together via the magic of the internet!

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Re: Looking for study buddies!

Unread post by blooms20 »

Will love to have study partners but im based in Nigeria. if its possible to work it out, i will be glad to join the team. Im just getting on my courses. Cheers
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Re: Looking for study buddies!

Unread post by Bbvibrant »

Hello Jacqueline,

Nice initiative. i will really love to join in. My Name is Bunmi, i am also from Nigeria.

My email is oreajebunmi@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon.

Warm Regards

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