E1 assignment HELP!!

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E1 assignment HELP!!

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So, I read the book on the wedding party and guest list, however it didnt menotion anything about ways to keep the guests without going over the budget.

Scenario: Scenario: Your clients set the catering budget for their wedding with a guest list of 100 people in mind. Your clients were
expecting to serve their guests a three-course plated meal with an open bar. The guest list has since expanded to 150
people, and the same service will run your clients over budget.

1. What are two ways your clients can keep the guest list at 150 without going over budget?
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Re: E1 assignment HELP!!

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Hey hey hey! So the book itself doesn't exactly mention "Ways to keep you client from going over budget." So when your clients guest list expands, the budget will either have to expand or the client will have to make sacrifices in some areas. So what could this client do/cut out or a more affordable way to keep their 150 guests? Instead of an open bar what could they do or instead of a 3 course plated meal, what could they do?
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