Struggling with Event & Wedding Planning E7

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Struggling with Event & Wedding Planning E7

Unread postby sarah.warn3r » June 23rd, 2020, 9:20 pm


Anyone else struggling with assignment E7, with regards to the budgets available for certain components of the wedding? For me specifically, I'm stuggling to find officiants in my area that is within the $200. I'm even looking up the cost for someone to become certified to become an officiant in my city to see if that is within the budget, so a friend/family and become certified. I'm wondering if the assignment questions could be slightly outdated/not updated to consider inflation.

Any suggestions?
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Re: Struggling with Event & Wedding Planning E7

Unread postby KeiaW » June 26th, 2020, 1:36 am

Hi. Hope this isnt too late. Imma try my best to explain this the best way I can since I did receive an A on this unit and did a good job on E7. What I did I choose the cheapest items that way I can save money.


Planned/Estimated Budget:
Bridal Dress: $1,500
Stationary: $200

Actual cost:
Bridal Dress: $959.93
Stationary: $108

Money Saved:
Bridal Dress: $540.07 (1,500-959.93)
Stationary: $92.00 (200-108)
Total: $632.07

With me finding the cheapest/affordable bridal gown and stationary the bride save $632.07. The money she save can go to wedding officiants or ceremony location. I explain this at the end. The bride give you a budget do not mean you have to use it all. If you can help her save money on certain things like the bridal gown then do it and explain the reason why.

I hope that help, by the way do not stick with one vendor. For my stationary I made the mistake of only sticking with, when I should choose other place. The more options from different place you have the better.

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