Assignment B3

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Assignment B3

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For some reason I am stuck on assignment B3 - Fitness Opening. I am not sure what they mean as they say in the worksheet to write a plan, but then further down they state to just give 1 point form answer, does anyone have any suggestions on how this should be submitted?

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Re: Assignment B3

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I am the same... I feel like I want to write a description about why I choose that form of.
Lets say "advertising ".
I feel like they can't tell you off for doing too much ?
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Re: Assignment B3

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Hi Everyone,

This assignment is supposed to be the first step to your plan, which is why they ask that you give one point form suggestion for each option. There is no need to come up with a full plan at this point.

There is no need to provide a reason for why you have chosen the options that you will list. Based on what you have studied the reasons should be rather apparent.

I hope this helps! Please do feel free to contact the school if you have any further questions!

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