Event Planning during Covid??

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Event Planning during Covid??

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Hey Everyone!

I've been working on my certifications since the end of 2018. I did end up taking multiple breaks, but I am determined to finish strong this year! I finished my event and wedding planning certification. Currently working on event décor and then I’ll do luxury wedding and event planning.

Anyways, enough about me. I wanted to come on here to find out if anyone is planning events during this pandemic? If so has anything changed about what you do? Just curious cause it seems like a difficult time to break into this industry.

Sarah 😊
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Re: Event Planning during Covid??

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Hey!! Yea, I’m in the similar boat as you, started in 2018 as well but hope to finish strong this year!
It’s going to be busy though, I’m planning my own wedding for next month, hoping to go to Singapore for a reception in May where my family is and come back for another reception in the summer! It’s difficult because it’s so spread out and we’re just planning a wedding ceremony over zoom since only 10 people allowed and my parents aren’t able to join. So we could have a breakout room with guests after too.
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