Completed the wedding & event course!

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Completed the wedding & event course!

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I completed the course a few months ago, yay! Since my completion of the program, I planned my parents 10 year wedding anniversary/vow renewal. It was a smaller, backyard event with roughly 30+ people in attendance and thankfully it went really well with rave reviews. Since planning it, however, I am at a loss for what my next steps should be. Prior to taking this course, I have had ZERO experience planning events so I don't quite feel ready yet to take a plunge into starting my own business. Other than looking out for internships on Indeed(which seem to be non-existent), I don't know how else I can put myself out there. Ideally I'd like to work for a wedding planning company, but I don't know how I should reach out. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated!! Thanks for reading :D
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Re: Completed the wedding & event course!

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Hey! So, I haven't started the course yet, BUT I've already made some contacts. I've known one of the local DJs for almost 8 years so I mentioned to him that I was taking courses and he recommended that I get ahold of the most successful wedding planner in our area, he works with her often as one of her DJs. I reached out to her and told her he sent me and now we're starting to make a plan of when we can meet together and she can share what she knows and will have me help on some of her weddings. She's looking to retire, so she's really excited there's a new one getting ready.
With that being said, Google wedding planners in your area and reach out to them, whether by phone or email, and ask how they would recommend getting started and ask if they have anything for you, even if it's just going out for coffee to pick their brain a little bit. That's all I asked for when my amazing opportunity fell into my lap!

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