A4 - Planning a corporate Retreat

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A4 - Planning a corporate Retreat

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I am in need of a little help folks,

I am currently working on the final portion of this assignment. I am supposed to list 2 ways I can measure how successful a corporate team building retreat was. I am conflicted though, I have 1. I already wrote that I could discuss with the manager(the client) a week after the retreat to see how things have changed and if we managed to exceed his expectations.

I am at a loss for number 2. I don't feel like this is a situation a survey or feed back card would be a good way to measure success. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: A4 - Planning a corporate Retreat

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I am lost on this assignment also. I posted a few moments ago. I fee like I am missing part of the assignment or something.
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Re: A4 - Planning a corporate Retreat

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Hi Everyone!

When you are doing assignments it is best to follow what you have in your course booklets. If you refer to page 31 of the "Internal Corporate Events" booklet, the last point shows some things you could give out to the employees that are going on the retreat. It's great to speak with the client after the retreat, but you also want to know what those participating in the retreat thought of it, because in the end they are the ones determining if it was a success or not.

I hope this gave a bit of clarification for this Assignment! Please feel free to contact the school if you have any other questions.


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