Assignment A6 - HELP

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Assignment A6 - HELP

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Hello! Can anyone help me in this assignment? I do not understand what can we do here...HELP! :? ok, we have to create some website adresses but what is this Available or not stuff?
Krysta Ketcheson
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Re: Assignment A6 - HELP

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Hi Bianka :)

This question is asking you if you are able to purchase the domain names that you come up with for websites. Say you wanted to call your company "Bianka's Events" and you want to use as the domain name, is the domain already being used or would you be able to take that name? If it is already an active website, it would be unavailable. If it is not an active website, it would be available.

I hope this helps, Bianka! If you have any other questions feel free to contact the school :)

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