Moving on

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Moving on

Unread post by RayneBow »

If you do not have the books for the next section example assignments B Can you still do those assignments?
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Re: Moving on

Unread post by kayla »

Yes, you can as all the book material is under Course Resources.

Good luck!
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Re: Moving on

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Hi RayneBow,

You can move on if you would like to, however we certainly do not suggest this. Keep in mind that you will not have the lesson books and DVDs that we provide in each package, and you are not able to access these on the Student Center. Only the Course Guides, Business Booklets, and Course Resource CD are available on the Student Center.

The assignments are directly related to the information in your lesson booklets, so you may want to wait to make sure that you have everything to ensure that you do well on the unit.

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