Finding New Clients

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Finding New Clients

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Hi all,

Any ideas on my topic? Help finding new clients, beyond the social media platforms ;)

Thanks all!
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Re: Finding New Clients

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Hi there :)
A few tips on top of my head:
Hand out your business-card to people you come across
When you talk to a stranger, mention your a wedding/event-planner
Make flyers and ask stores to hang them up/have them by the register
Ad in the paper
Go to wedding fairs as a vendor or hand out business cards/talk to brides-to-be
Ask friends to spread the word

Hope this helps :)
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Re: Finding New Clients

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I also find it useful to look in the Newspapers for the Engagements. The paper will give out addresses if the couple posted them. Works for most of the ones I've done. If you have a University in your area, post in the library and Cafeteria areas too. You can sometimes put a small in the schools paper as well.
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