Assignment D7 Help Please!

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Assignment D7 Help Please!

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Can anybody help please??? I am doing D7 from the Event and Wedding planning course. When it asks what all the requirements are for a Civil Marriage and a religious ceremony in your area, does it just mean about the Marriage Licence/Fees/any classes before hand??? Or do they want you to put down exactly what happens during the ceremony too?

Many thanks and good luck to you all!!!
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Re: Assignment D7 Help Please!

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Hi Charlotte!

According to the Course Guide D here is what your responses should address:

"Provide a detailed description of ALL the requirements for a civil marriage in your state,
province, or local area. Your answer should contain complete information about the marriage
license, including fees, waiting period, required documentation, and the length of time
the license is valid. You can search for this information on the Internet or visit your local
government office."

Hope this helps.

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