Attending Wedding Expos

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Attending Wedding Expos

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I've read that it's good for wedding planners who are just starting out to go to wedding expos, as an attendee. My question is...when you go to these events do you "pretend" to be a bride looking for info, or do you make it clear to the vendors that you are a wedding planner looking to make connections. I would think they'd want to spend their time talking to potential brides, and not to a planner.

One of my main goals in going to an expo at this point would be to talk to other wedding planners to get a sense of their pricing, services, etc. Obviously they're not going to want to talk to me if I'm a potential competitor!

Any thoughts?
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Re: Attending Wedding Expos

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I usually tell them that I'm just setting up a business and that I'm going round fayres collecting information from various suppliers. Depending on how chatty and nice people are I might tell them I'm doing a course.
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