Any advice for a stay-at-home-mom event/wedding planner?

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Any advice for a stay-at-home-mom event/wedding planner?

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I just graduate from event /wedding planning and I am now looking for work in the field. There is a catch though, I'm a stay at home mom. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed or is anyone also in the same situation as I am? Furthermore I am also a graphic & fashion designer so i can work in many event/wedding planning fields!
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Re: Any advice for a stay-at-home-mom event/wedding planner?

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I noticed no one replied to your questions.
I just wanted to say I am nearing the end of my course for Event and Wedding Planning, my life has change quite a lot in the last two years. I have moved in with my partner and his two children. Now due to a new life style I want to work from home doing events and weddings whilst I can take the kids to school and pick them up so a 9am - 3pm job if you like. Currently his parents come over every morning to take the kids to school for us and i want to relieve them of this, they are retired and deserve to be enjoying it more.

I wondered if you have found the answer to balancing all this and planning weddings or events?

I can only suggest getting on the social networks like Facebook or Twitter and start putting your services on there. It's much easier to be at home and work of the computer. You can also arrange to meet clients when it suits you!

I hope I have helped :)
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Re: Any advice for a stay-at-home-mom event/wedding planner?

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Hi lovelies! I saw your post/reply and wanted to help. I've been a stay at home mother for the last four years. Over those years, I've had to balance a lot of different things as well as my kids. I've come to realize that as long as you have a good support system, you can do any business from your home. If (lulucreations) your partner's parents enjoy helping you guys out, I would encourage letting them still; my mother has lived with me (after much fighting over her moving in) for a year now, which has been such a relief because I finally realized that it gives me extra time to do other things I need to do. Or maybe you can even compromise and set up a schedule where you drop them off in the mornings but they get them in the afternoon. Labellefille, I started to always keep my planner on me and by my side; everything is color coded by person. Every appointment goes in there, weather it's a Dr.'s or a client, even my husband's work schedule. Every person has a different color so that if I have the kids and have a last second call from a client, I can figure out who can watch the toddler or pick the school aged kid up last second or if I have to call our spare sitter. Even trying to work in the field can be simple if you have contingency plans for the kids and last second things. You can't let yourself get discouraged about having your business from home just because you're also a stay at home mother. Plus, all of us have to stick together too; we help with each other's sanity,,, :lol:
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