Help with assignment E7

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Help with assignment E7

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Hi, not sure if any administrators see this, but I am having difficultly finding companies or people for some of the questions to fit inside the budget provided.

Question: 3A - printers or design companies are over the $200 budget

Question 4C - finding any celebrants in my area (Wellington, nz) to fit inside the $200 budget. The cheapest I have found is $250, otherwise they range from $500 + .

I am worried that if I can't find any within budget I will fail this assignment.
Please someone help!!

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Re: Help with assignment E7

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I'm having the same problem! i can't even find anywhere for the ceremony to be held to fit budget!

i think i am going to approach with the cheapest option i can get and then put a note to the tutor that i would under the circumstances talk to the client and see what we could work out, after all just because they have set a budget it doesn't mean it is a realistic one!

let me know how you get on! x
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