Assignment E7 UK

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Assignment E7 UK

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Really struggling to find an outdoor venue for a non religious ceremony, as we cant have outdoor ceremonies cause (If im right?!) you need to get married in a building with a civil ceremony license?

Just wondering what other UK students have done? Ive been searching for weeks now and need to complete by 30th June, as this is my final year, starting to panic slightly!

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Re: Assignment E7 UK

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Hi Tia,

If you are having trouble maybe have a look at Glamping, there are a few places that provide non religious ceremonies and for guests to glamp under the stars...

Just an idea and I hope it helps.

:D :D
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Re: Assignment E7 UK

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I can't help there, I'm in Australia so things are a little different, but I have just finished E7 and o.m.g the budget set was soooooooooooo hard! eg officiants here start at $500 etc, wasn't easy but I think I managed it. unit submitted now to wait results. I hope you managed to get somewhere with your research!
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Re: Assignment E7 UK

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TayLinAnne, how did you get past the officiant's cost? I'm in Western Australia and am struggling to find one under $200. The closest Ive got is $290 - $350
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Re: Assignment E7 UK

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Hi there,

I'm from Canada and have been really struggling to find a venue for under the 300 location fee!! Can anyone help??? I've been looking for hours and have found 1 place and it's just over budget!!!!
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