Website ?

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Website ?

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My name is Hannah Swick. I have just finished the QC Wedding & Event Planning courses! (yay!) Now in the process of setting up a new business. I have a business license, registered name, etc. I have also created a website which I would love some feedback on. Here is the link:
Please leave a comment and (nicely) let me know what you think!

Thank you,
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Re: Website ?

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I like your website and congratulations!
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Re: Website ?

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Hi Hannah,

Well done you! :)

I am working on my last unit assignments as we speak.

I very much like the background picture of your website - subtle and romantic! However, I would put the QC graduate badge somewhere more prominent so that the potential client can see straight that you're a pro ;) Also, I am a huge fan of calligraphic fonts myself, but been recently told that from a client's point of view it might be a bit difficult to decipher.

That being said, setting up a business and getting everything right from the beginning seems quite a bit of a challenge. I've just started reading up on how to style your brand and building your business identity. Fascinating!

Good luck, Hannah, and enjoy your day!
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Re: Website ?

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Congratulations Hannah!

Your website is very professional however, in an honest opinion, the background image takes too much away from the writing. Maybe if you focus it in a different aspect or even change paragraph style of the writing, It can be easier to read and draw attention.

Also, I love the name of your company, but the website font makes it difficult to read -- If I didn't read your signature, I would think that The first G was a T, also, Why have the name of your company twice?

This is just an honest opinion, You did ask for feedback! Maybe I am a year too late since this post was 2015. Ah well!

Wish you all the best.

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