Stuck On E4

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Stuck On E4

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I am stuck on E4, they want a cocktail reception at a ritzy or artey location which I don't have a venue for my area I have looked outside my area and found a museum but only do a reception sit down meal and dancing but no additional entertainment and cocktails, I have found a venue that you can hold a reception, music and entertainment and hire outside contractors for the cocktail element but it is not artey or ritzy, it did say that the couple love the outdoors which I can incorporate that element but really stuck on what to do, I live in Witham, Essex
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Re: Stuck On E4

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Yes, that one is a catch. I struggled as well. The thing is the parents "status" attorney/surgeon. Is there an upscale hotel in the area or a museum? that an always be upscaled and made ritzy with decor?
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