Struggling with the budgets set in unit F...

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Struggling with the budgets set in unit F...

Unread postby OliviaHelen » July 2nd, 2017, 7:24 pm

Hi there I'm hoping someone can help me....

I am based in Auckland NZ and I am almost finished with the course (hooray!) however I am a bit stuck with the last few assignments....

The budgets that have been set for the reception of the Wilson-Knight wedding are totally unrealistic for Auckland. The cost of living here is extortionate and there is no way on this earth you could ever cater a wedding for 75 people with hot and cold canapes, a three course sit down meal plus snacks in the evening for $4,500. It just would never happen. You would struggle to buy the raw ingredients for that price. I don't want to be marked down for not including prices as it specifically states in the course guide that we must include prices. I would say that almost none of the budgets for the final assignment (F7) are realistic for Auckland. Do I just change them? Or do I leave them out? Having a nightmare here! Haha I hope someone can give me an idea of what to do....

Many thanks!
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Re: Struggling with the budgets set in unit F...

Unread postby trackstar97 » July 4th, 2017, 10:31 am

Hi, Did you get any feed back on your question

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