New Student - 1st Day

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Anjali J
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New Student - 1st Day

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Hi all,

My name is Anjali and I am a new student and have just re-enrolled in the course for Events and Wedding Planning!

I have recently had a baby, and have been trying to decide what to do with myself, and I decided to follow my dreams as I have always wanted to be a wedding planner, and work on organising this and events.
Enrolling in this course is so exciting, and also makes me nervous as its finally following something I have wanted to do for years, so I hope I can make it work!

I'm really looking forward to sharing this journey with all my fellow students, and could really use all the help and support along the way.
Please do reach out with any advice and guidance, and I look forward to speaking to some of you along this journey!

Hopefully hear from you soon.

Happy planning!

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Re: New Student - 1st Day

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Hello Anjali,

I am sure you made the right decision. I wish you all the best. Also congrats on you new baby.

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Re: New Student - 1st Day

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hi , My name is Amita from Florida and i like to do wedding makeup and hair so i desired to learn and i can not go to school for that .because of that
i also started on QC on December and trying to learn how website work and Jan2019 they change so now confused how to send them assignment . if you guys know then let me know .
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