Pushy Bridemaids

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Pushy Bridemaids

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Good Morning,

I have a couple who will be getting married out of their home town on June 2109, the planning process has been good so far; however, I have a problem on my hands the bridemaids: their becoming bossy with the bride and telling her what to do. For example, my clients and I will be taking a trip to visit the venue this weekend; and the bridemaids have decided they are going to take the trip with us without asking the bride nor myself. How do I handle this situation without coming off bossy or pushy myself to her bridal party? or should I just stay silent? If you could please lead me into the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You

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Re: Pushy Bridemaids

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I have never experienced this but I would suggest letting the bride handle them. Somehow she has established this type of relationship with her friends that allows them to push her around. So it is really up to her or the groom to say no and to stand up to them. It's the brides wedding and they are acting like it's their day. The person who has the financial burden should be calling the shots. If she is not careful her bridesmaids will have her paying for their idea of what the wedding day should be. :o

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