E7 and F7

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E7 and F7

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E7 and F7 are about the Knight Wedding and you are in charge of planning it from the invitation all the way to end. This assignment has been a popular topic because of the budget. The budget is supposed to be tight and the assignment is supposed to be hard/tricky, I believe that it is supposed to test your skill as a wedding planner.

The first part of the Knight Wedding is E7. What I did was choose the least expensive things such as the bride dress, the invitation, accessories and so on. My goal and idea for this wedding were to save as much money as I can and put it towards something else. By choosing the least expensive things I save the couple $827.57. I went ahead and explain and show what I did and why I did it. As well as giving advice on what to do with the extra money. Just remember whatever extra money you save this does not include sales she might find on a dress, accessory or shoe as well as not calculate the tax.

I haven't turned in F7 but when I do, I will be taking the same goal I had for E7. Which is to save as much as I can and put it toward something else, as well as reshowing the money I save from the previous assignment. I still want my bride or couple to feel like they have a choice on what to do with the extra money.

I hope this all makes sense and I hope it helps. (Hint: always give your client a different option. I made a small mistake in choosing only one place for the invitation because it saves more money. Different option happy client)
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