Somethings Not adding up on E3.

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Somethings Not adding up on E3.

Unread post by Nik.Dunn »

Hi All,

So I have done all the math, I subtracted what I needed to added where I needed, my total cost came up to the budget that was given, $30,000; however, my percentage isn't. I keep coming up with 99% but my math on the money aspect of it equals $30,000. Will I get a grade deduction if my percentage doesn't equal 100% but my total costs equals the budget given ($30,000)?

Any advice is truly appreciated!
Thanks in advance! :D
- Nik<3
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Re: Somethings Not adding up on E3.

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Hi there :)

mine equalled 100%. the only thing i could think of which i'm sure you've already done is making sure all amounts are to two decimal places. not all need two but i've made sure the others are exact .xx amounts.
hope that helps
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