E7 Help, please

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E7 Help, please

Unread post by Nik.Dunn »

I have been working on E7 (Wilson-Knight Wedding) for a couple of weeks now. I believe I have everything done right. My question is, am I supposed to add the pictures and prices of the accessories as well when we "hand in" the assignment?

Thanks in advance!
- Nik<3
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Re: E7 Help, please

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When I submitted E7, I did put the pictures of the accessories and things but I did not add the price of that or the dresses. I didn't see that it asked for prices on those items and I was given a A on that one.
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Re: E7 Help, please

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hello! When i did E7, i did the pintrest boards, and when i did the price, i noted that i only did the dress and did not account for accessories. But if you wanted to included it, just make a note in your budget, it will really boost your grade. :D

When i got my grades back she told me that going the extra step and noting what is and is not included as well as visuals not only helps you but also the client and that's a huge difference when your doing a real contract. I really took that in and it helped in the rest of my projects and budgets.

Good Luck!!
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