budget %

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budget %

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My name is Amanda and i'm on Unit D for event/wedding planning.
The assignment is creating a budget for venue and attire. The other percentages are created already.

I don't get how i am the % and $ amount for venue and attire.

Can someone please help me

Thank You! :mrgreen:
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Re: budget %

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Hello Amanda

Not sure if you have completed this as yet.
I have just submitted my D Unit so I am not 100% sure (lol no pun intended ) - but I can tell you what I think, and what I did.

I guessed - you are creating a mock budget based on the clients priority.
If I remember correctly - attire is one of their priorities - so an amount of the budget is going there
I believe what they want from us is an understanding - of 2 things - the priority and making the numbers work.

Take an estimated amount the Bride might spend on a Dress and then you determine what the percentage will be of the total budget - and it all has to equal at the end. Oh and once you calculate the part that is already entered - you know how much you have left to work with.
Hope this helps

Good Luck
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Re: budget %

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They also have a spreadsheet you can use. You plug in the numbers and it gives you the percentages.
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