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Is anyone else having issues with getting help from their tutor. I have emailed 3 times and emailed the administrator 2 times with ZERO response. I am having trouble completing one of my assignments and I was under the impression that it was the tutors jobs to be there to assist when needed?
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I talk to a student advisor that helped me with a question I ask. I would also ask about the tutor and why they not responding as well as calling the school. Sometimes I have to remind myself that tutors are like us too. They dont sit at their desk waiting for a student to send them an email. They have family, friends and a career. Juggling all three of those are hard especially in the time of a pandemic. If you really need help just call the school.

https://www.qceventplanning.com/?utm_so ... M5EALw_wcB (this site should take you to a student advisor, it a small round bubble that you click on)
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