What really bugs you?

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What really bugs you?

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Hey wedding planning pros. For those of you who have planned at least one wedding... What are some of your biggest wedding pet peeves?

For example:
One of my biggest pet peeves is brides who spend over a grand on their dress and then serve dinner off of paper plates.
Another of my pet peeves is overbearing family members who make the couple feel bad for their wedding choices.
People who don't RSVP
Oh and anyone who says "Don't be stupid you don't need to hire a wedding planner..." or "I don't know why you hired a planner" and then proceed to help make a mess of things trying to take over.

I am mostly just looking for the kind of stuff that bugs you personally in a client. The funnier the better! :mrgreen:
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Re: What really bugs you?

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I would say mine are:
Bad DJ's who dont show up on time, and then give the bride lip because she called them out on it
Anyone in bridal party and parents who drink a little too much before the ceremony
The obnoxious [insert family memeber] who had too much wine with dinner and then goes up and makes a speech embarressing the couple and themselves.
Venue's that cram way too many people into a room

I think that's about it. I dont really let things get to me, but those are some that irk me.
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Re: What really bugs you?

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By far my biggest issue is with RSVPs. Either they don't at all, or they do late, or they fill it out wrong.....I've gotten the strangest questions on RSVPs! It's just poor manners not to respond by the date (without good reason obviously!).
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