Assignment E3

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Assignment E3

Unread post by CarmenT »

I am having trouble with this one.

If the items are already prefilled, does that mean we cannot/should not change them.

The total for catering is not $11,400, which is what is listed. When reading the story it is $11,300. so I'm already off by $100.

Also, when using the spreadsheet it calculates alot of extras like wedding insurance and special events permit for example, since that is not listed on the assignment, should I assume that the couple does not need these things.

If I only calculate the things the couple has asked for I do not get $30,000. I need help!!! :cry:
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Re: Assignment E3

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Hi CarmenT,

Thanks for pointing this out to us! We'll make sure the mistake gets fixed. :)

For this exercise, ignore what was in the story and keep the pre-filled sections the way they are ($11,400).

I hope this helps! Good luck with the course. :)

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Re: Assignment E3

Unread post by April »

is this the dollar and cent assignment? If it is the total adds up in the wedding planning course it has it down that the catering is 80. per person totaling 8000. and 3000.00 for the alcohol and 400. for the wedding cake totalling 11,400. sometimes just knowing where the issue is in the question helps so I hope this helps :)
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