Marketing yourself

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Marketing yourself

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Could everyone share what has really helped them to market themselves?
Also, what has made you stand out from the rest of the wedding planners in your area?

Any feedback is appreciated!

Thanks :)
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Re: Marketing yourself

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I haven't officially started a business yet but I have been making marketing plans! I'd say definitely make a page on Facebook (as social media is so hot at the moment). Maybe twitter too, but it's not as well-seen as facebook! Get all your friends/family to 'like' it and then all of their contacts will see the page too :)

Another idea I've got is to find local businesses that are in the Wedding industry (i.e. nails/makeup etc) and swap business cards/flyers!

Hope this helps!
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Re: Marketing yourself

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I agree, Facebook is a wonderful media to getting your name out there. I know that you can even purchase advertisements that allow you focus on certain demographics and groups, and your adverts will target the people that fall into the criteria that you've set up. Another way is word of mouth. Another way is purchasing advertisements in local newspapers. However, if money is an issue, and you don't want to spend too much money, you can create free ads online through things like kijiji, craigslist, and even some wedding themed sites. However, I find word of mouth being the best way to get your name around town. I've made strong connections with restaurants that do wedding catering and hotels in the area that don't specialize in event or wedding coordination. Hope this helps. Good luck :)
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