New Student/Already Business Owner

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New Student/Already Business Owner

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Hello everyone,

I started this whole process backwards as I do many things n life. I opened up my event planning service off the passion to fulfill a dream of my own and help execute those of others. I knew I need an accreditation before anyone would evn take a second look at my priduct, so I enrolled here at QC. I have a couple of clients already and I only started in May. Most of the planning portiin is common sense so I'm able to do what I need to do, but my biggest problem is budgetting.
Most clients want to know up frontwhat an event might cost them. What would be the best way to package my product? Flat rate based on number of guests or services required? Which would bring the largest reward in finances to have enough cushion to work with?
Decorating is much more expensive than I initially assumed.
Thank you for your help.
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Re: New Student/Already Business Owner

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This is a very valid question. I too have my own company and pricing is the hardest thing to come up with(I guess I haven't gotten to that point in the course yet). For me, when in doubt, I google it. I research what others are making in the field and in the immediate area. I've even gone so far as to blind inquire about prices from competitors, so I know what they are telling my potential clients. The best thing to do is have a consultation to get a clear idea of your client's vision and then you can take a few days to realistically price décor, vendors, venue, food, your time, etc. Then bid it to your clients within the week, so they don't become impatient. That has worked for me so far.
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