Learned a valuable lesson

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Learned a valuable lesson

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I learned a valuable lesson today about working with different types of clients and thought I would share it.

The lesson was that some people love strict management and details to make them comfortable, but others get stressed with too much over organisation. This may seem very basic to some people, but it was something new for me as I am a very organised person who needs lists and neatness in my work.

I have offered my services to two brides this year in exchange for photos and bragging rights to gain some experience before kick starting my own business. This first bride I worked for this year, loved having me there in a professional manner and picking up little details and discussing everything with her. She loved hearing about 'traditional' wedding processes and being able to adjust them for herself, and liked that I also directed the staff and attendants when necessary. However the second bride I am working with is very laid back and got a little bit stressed after the rehearsal because she felt that everything was over-organised and expressed her concerns with me that she didn't want the wedding day to be too strict. I assured her that the reason for the micro management before the wedding was that so she would not feel overwhelmed with details on the day because it was all already taken care of, but I also took on board the fact that I should have adjusted my process at the rehearsal to allow them a slightly more relaxed atmosphere because I knew they didn't want lots of tradition in the wedding and were just getting through the ceremony so that they could have a big party afterwards.

I am feeling proud of myself for not taking the constructive criticism personally, but I do need to make sure that I put more thought into getting to know the personality of my clients to manage the way I present myself and my management approach, rather than just for the style and theme of the event.

Has anyone else come across this issue?
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Re: Learned a valuable lesson

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This is really helpful to know, thanks for sharing
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Re: Learned a valuable lesson

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Good advice, thank you! And well said, I think you handled yourself professionally in both situations.
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