Table Skirts

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Table Skirts

Unread post by Vivian »

I have worked with numerous types of table skirts and have always had a problem - they slip and fall down. I have tried taping, pinning, stapling and no use. Any suggestions from anyone how to keep the table skirts on???

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Re: Table Skirts

Unread post by zettie »

Vivian if they are not paper or plastic. go to my favorite - fishing line across the top of the table under the table cloth or table topper-Just thread a needle and go. (don't forget to tape that down also. it is super thin and you can make it as long as you need it and it is clear. If paper and plastic - lots of Velcro or a thin strip of gift ribbon (same color as the skirt) does the same as the fishing line. Make sure they are not touching the floor. There are numerous types of tape out there that can be put on any surface and come off easily so don't skimp.
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