Learning so much from this course

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Event Planner
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Learning so much from this course

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I never knew how much was behind the scenes as an event planner. It could be a wedding, a child birthday party, a fund raiser, a baby shower or just a small gathering; it takes organization skills, knowledge in finances, be creative and most important Be Flexible at all times.

I'm grateful to find such a good program to learn and be prepare to be a professional wedding and event planning.
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Re: Learning so much from this course

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Hello Novia,
I totally agree with you 100%. I love this course, it's only my first day on it and I'm addicted to learning more, more, and more. I was attending a university learning the career of Hospitality Management. It was the closest thing to Wedding and Event Planning. It was totally not what I wanted. I came upon this course and its perfect for me. I don't really think of it as school but as a career already and that this is my business and I'm my own boss. I'm very excited to continue with this course.
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