EP 7 assignment!

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EP 7 assignment!

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Wow! The location budget is unrealistic for the Washington DC area. Even trying to decrease in other areas of the budget is difficult. Any suggestions from those in my area....Clinton, Ft Washington, Maryland, Virginia....open for suggestions...thanks! :D
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Re: EP 7 assignment!

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Hi there,

Yeah that budget for the ceremony fee is unrealistic. I'm afraid I can't help with locations as I am from the UK (did not match our fee's in the UK either), however I actually wrote on my assignment that to have a legal ceremony the couple would have to spend over this budget. I then detailed options (for more than the £200). I got an A+ for the module so that must not have minded! Hope this helps you :)
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Re: EP 7 assignment!

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I struggles with this but found 3 venues for just under £300 in Oxfordshire baring in mind it took me 3 weeks on and off to do this, I was very close to giving up. I wish i knew about saying over the budget.

I am now struggling with officiants it seems to be that you can only hire a registar through your county council mine being way over the limit of £200 did you find this and what did you ened up doing i realy want to finsih this unit now.. From the UK to

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