Assignment Problems

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Assignment Problems

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I have noticed that some information is missing from my assignment templates. When I am having trouble on a question and I look on the forum with people who are discussing the assignment I am on, they are discussing things I don't know. For A2, it didn't say anything for the first part about classroom seating...just gave the formula and skipped to the banquet and dance area. I am on A3 right now and wasn't sure what was meant by alternative speakers until I cam on here and noticed several people talking about global warming. There was never anything mentioned in my assignment on global warming. What the heck?!?! Anybody else?
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Re: Assignment Problems

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Hi lindsayprimeau,

Your assignment templates do not contain all the information you need to complete you assignments. Please review your course guides, as they give you the outlines for all of your assignments and they are where you will find the necessary information that everyone else is discussing.

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