Where are you from and when did you enroll?

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Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby claprin » January 11th, 2014, 2:02 pm

Hello coursemates,

Since I would like to know new people and make friends other than taking this course (also because my friends are getting bored of my excitement for any wedding or event in general!!), I'd love to open this unique topic to find out where you are from and when you enrolled, so we can understand which classmates on the same unit we are and ask each other for help or suggestions!

As I said in my previous own post, I am from Italy (Milan), I am 24 and enrolled on Jan 3rd. Got my course on last Thursday and am done with the first mini book of Unit A because I really am "hungry" about this course! :D

Hoping to have done something nice and not already present on this board, I wish you a happy day or nice evening, depending on where you live (I'm having dinner now, it's 8 pm here!)

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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby losangelisa » January 13th, 2014, 7:46 pm

Hi Claudia!

I live in Los Angeles and have had the course for a little while but just getting started now... Want to team up and get this finished quick? I just turned 30, have a little girl at home who is 4 1/2 but she has three full school days a week where I can work and she is pretty good at staying busy for me by this age, so focus and work hard. Send me a message and let me know how much you have done so far and I'll quickly catch up and we can knock a couple lessons down quickly! I'm Event and Wedding just like you. :)

Lisa :))
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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby Kaztaff » January 14th, 2014, 11:34 pm

My name is Kath and I'm from Brisbane, Australia! I enrolled now a while ago, but with my two busy boys on holidays, I haven't had the opportunity to do as much as I wanted. When they return to school, I will certainly get going though! Just a few minutes ago finished Unit A! YEAH!! Excited!
Best of luck to you with your course and here's to chatting on about our events.

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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby sweetsue5291 » January 27th, 2014, 1:05 am

Hi! I am Sue and I am from San Antonio, Texas. I got my first course in November but just recently finished section A. I work for my sister and brother -in-law in their accounting firm so I am crazy busy. We just moved the firm to a new office and so that takes up most of my time. I am taking this course to help me in my new business ventures. I am truly excited because I am going full scale. I am going to open my own venue. My sister and I are partnering up and we are going to open up a new venue in the hill country. I cant wait. I am so excited... I would spend every waking moment working on this new venture if I could. I even have dreams about it and what it will look like. My youngest daughter who is 12 is excited too. She can't wait to go to work for me. :D

Thanks for the post. I look forward to more in the future. Good luck everyone. Now back to work on B:1 before I get some shut eye for the start of a new week.

Sue Blain
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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby alexandriacp » January 27th, 2014, 2:20 pm

Hi everyone!

I'm Allie, and I just enrolled yesterday! I'm 22, from Pennsylvania, and currently finishing up my BA Anthropology and a Certificate in Event Planning from NYIAD. I'm enrolled in the Event Decor course ,and am really excited to see how it goes! Looking to meet other people interested in the field, both local and non-local!

You can find me on Facebook at Allie Proko (though people have said I'm tricky to find on there... if so, just email me at alexandriacp@yahoo.com and I can try to find you!)

Looking forward to starting this journey :)

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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby WanderfulLife » February 1st, 2014, 11:37 pm

Hi I'm Donna. I'm 27, have 2 busy boys and own my event/wedding planning business.

I enrolled in November and I'm just about finished unit D now. I've been an event planner since 2009 and decided I needed to take this course. I'm hoping to one day expand my business and have planners stationed all across Canada. I'll start small though and stick to central/northern Alberta though. I have high expectations. ;)

It took me 3 years to decide on one that I wanted to enroll in and QC was the one I kept going back to.

I'm loving the fact that I'm able to finish an entire unit in a night if I want. It's a great course.

I look forward to chatting with you all more!
meanwhile, my info is all on my website. www.wanderfullifeweddingsevents.com
D Wand- "Wand"erful Life Weddings & Events
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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby MarthaMcAlister » February 18th, 2014, 10:26 pm

My name Is Martha and I am from Atlanta, Ga. I am 25 and applied Friday. I should get my materials sometime this week.

Very excited to start my Career. I have been doing events for my current employer and have always been the one to plan birthday's and other events for family and friends.

Good luck to you all!!
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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby Diamond.Harrison » February 24th, 2014, 5:27 pm

Hello Everyone,

I am from Columbia, SC. I moved to Charlotte, NC to go to Johnson & Wales University. I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a BS in Sports/Entertainment/Event Management with a concentration in Food and Beverage Management. While in school I began to volunteer with wedding and events. My passion for wedding and events grew even more as finished school. A week ago I enrolled and received my course materials. :D I'm excited and ready to further my career as a wedding and event planner!

Look forward to networking with great people that are also enrolled and that have graduated from QC Career School! :D

Diamond M. Harrison
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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby llove » February 25th, 2014, 2:31 pm

Chiming in late. I am in New Jersey outside of NYC. I have small business that I have had in Chicago for 12 years, but I've been more focused on my children. My event planning has mostly been for non profits(ie volunteered) and kids' birthday parties. I'm looking to make a full time career out of this, and I thought the course could help me since my education is in design not event planning.
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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby bipmorgan » March 6th, 2014, 9:12 am

I'm also a little late with this topic - but my excuse is that I have only just enrolled!

My name is Brittany, and I am from Perth, Australia. As I mentioned, I have only just started the course...I am actually still waiting to receive all my books etc!

I am looking forward to seeing where this course takes myself, and also where it takes all of you!

Good luck - speak soon. No doubt I will be trying to pick each of your brains for tips on upcoming units & assessments.

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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby Cianca » March 9th, 2014, 2:51 pm

Hello All

I am Cianca (sea-anchor)

I am from London in the UK, I enrolled last week, I am still awaiting my course materials for the wedding planning course, I am so eager to start I have been reading the course books from the website and am currently on assignment A5.

How are you all getting on? this seems like a good thread I haven't had much luck on any others would be good to hear back from you all.

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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby cwilberton » March 10th, 2014, 1:05 pm

My name is Courtney and I am currently living in Missouri in the united states. However I move around a lot so I guess you can say I just live in the US. I just enrolled yesterday and am very excited about this course and can not wait to start my future with event/wedding planning.
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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby claprin » May 1st, 2014, 8:58 am

Hey all! I saw this thread was somehow successful, ahah :)

We could use it also to exchange impression and stuff.
I submitted Unit A in February, got an A+ as a grade, and started off Unit B. In the meantime, I found a course on a coupon website and bought it, as it was in Italian and fully concerned about Italian Wedding culture (I am Italian and live here, so, this was totally in my country chords), so I stopped for a while my QC course. Since I just submitted my end of course project, I can now get back to the QC one ;)

I find the course very well done. I like it a lot and, once I went through the part of the choice of the name, I chose one, purchased a domain, and established my position on the internet. My website is still down, because in Italy Wedding Planners are not like in the USA/UK/Canada, they're something pretty new and many have the bad habit to copy, so, until I am not finished with the course of anyways ready to start my own business, it will stay offline. I contacted a great designer, who made a wonderful layout for just a few €, and completed my website.

I can't wait to finish the course, it's so great!! When will I finally start with my carreer? I cannot wait!! :)
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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby WillowEventPlanning » May 2nd, 2014, 10:16 am

Hi Everyone,

My name is Theresa, I live in Farmville Connecticut. I don't live on a farm but am surrounded by all kinds of farms, Cow, Chickens, Veggies. I started Unit A a couple of weeks ago and hoping to finish in the next week or so. I love to plan my kids birthday parties and hold holiday events. I do a bunch of different corporate event planning where I work and decided to take this course. I hope to ventrue out on my own once I finish the Event Planning course.
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Re: Where are you from and when did you enroll?

Unread postby andreatoffy » May 8th, 2014, 1:07 pm

helloooo ! I'm from Spain but living in los Angeles , I enrolled the course last week and yesterday I start doing the unit A. Since i'm from spain and my first language its Spanish , sometimes its hard to me to understand everything and take me a loooong time to finish the assignments , THANKS god that my husband translate me the words that i can't understand . :lol:

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