G'day from OZ

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G'day from OZ

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Hi all,
I literally have just finished Unit A of the course and I'm very excited in becoming an event planner.
Already I have planned a few events...although albeit they have been for myself!
The first though was my 40th Masquerade Ball which was fantastic! The entertainment I hired was ME! as I sing as well, so I had a friend of mine sing a few duets with me, and then sang a few songs on my own. I hired dance floor, booked function room at amazing Cloudland here in Brisbane, and what a FABULOUS night it was!
The other event I planned recently was a charity night for the Qld Cancer Council. Again if I do so say myself a very successful evening!! I had a mini markets of small business set up in my home. I had dresses, make-up, lingerie, candles. I also set up a silent auction for other prizes..massages, cooking classes, some canvases and then some of the stall owners also donated a pack to auction. I also hired a karaoke machine, and had lights, so once the markets had gone, we partied on into the night..(or morning in fact!) Everyone had a wonderful evening. The last people left at 4:00am in the morning!
If anyone need's any help or assistance. I certainly do not have a huge amount of experience, but at least some for a newby anyway!
Well, just wanted to say g'day and let you know I'm here if any one wants a chat! :-) :D 8-)
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Re: G'day from OZ

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Hi and congratulations on your stunning events that you've planned.
I wish you well for the future.

Where about in Australia are you from
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